Bridal Shower

Wedding Rituals 


The Huffington Post says the concept of the bridal shower originated about 300 years ago. According to wedding lore, a Dutch woman’s Dad refused to give her a dowry because he did not care for her choice in mates so all the women folk in the village got together and showered her with gifts so she could marry the man she loved. I love traditions, and although not out of necessity anymore, the bridal shower seems to be remaining strong. Nowadays it’s just an excuse for a party with a candy bar & funny games.

Just being married myself, I can say that the bridal shower was absolutely one of my favourite experiences. For me it wasn’t so much about the gifts, although I’m not complaining about the lacy knickers and cute pyjamas, but I was so touched to see all of those woman come together from near and far just for little old me. It was a very different experience to my engagement party or even wedding day, it was more intimate and I left feeling empowered yet indebted to these women for giving me the strength and fuel to get to my wedding (it wasn’t easy).

During all the stressful planning of the wedding it’s easy to forget the real reason of this gathering, a bridal shower is usually a once in a life time opportunity to celebrate the major life changes the bride-to-be is about to go through and to bless her on her journey from a bachelorette, a fiancé, a wife and then a mother. Like all of the pre & post wedding celebrations, this day will fly past and be over before you know it, so as Walter Hagen would say, your only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.

Some of the things that made the day fun, memorable & successful for me were; picking the date well in advance to give guests lots of notice, hiring a photographer to capture every moment, showing suppliers clear examples of what I envisioned to leave no room for error (use Pinterest) and asking for what I wanted specifically via a registry, my lingerie collection is now truly beautiful.


Laura Hazzouri Bridal Shower 4
Laura Hazzouri Bridal Shower 5


Laura Hazzouri Bridal Shower 2

Dress by Scanlan Theodore
Earing’s by Chanel
Venue Sergeants Mess
Photography by Blumenthal