Cake Smash

Let him eat cake!

Before I even had babies I knew I wanted to do a cake smash on their first birthday. Is it a little bit corny? Maybe.. But it was a lot of fun and I love the photos we created. His birthday is in August and too cold outside, so my friend and photographer Jess let us mess up her studio. Here a few little tips I have from experience:

  • Take help with you. My parents and sister came along mainly to join in the fun, but also to help crack smiles from behind the camera, carry props and clean up (I underestimated that part). There is no way I could of done this on my own easily.
  • I was such an amateur, I didn’t think about the aftermath, I didn’t take a towel or think about how I would clean him. There was blue icing everywhere! Luckily there was a sink in the studio, we bathed him in there afterwards, and used a jacket as a towel, lol. Make sure you take fresh clothes, several washers, wipes and towels to clean the baby, props and studio.
  • Schedule the shoot straight after a nap so bub is  happy! Take plenty of snacks, bottles and drinks for your baby and yourself.

I posted these photos all over his first birthday party, and I have just created a little brag book from the shoot. See our BTS video below:

Photography by Jessica Abraham at Studio 311

High Chair from Tiny Tots Toy Hire

‘One’ hat and banner from Sprinkle Party Co

Cake from Unbirthday Bakery

Balloons from Balloon Art