Reflecting on the year that's past, my thoughts on engagement photo shoots, and what's ahead for 2015...



It’s been a very fun time of year for me where I’ve taken some time out to spend with friends and family, had a mini holiday and pondered over the year that’s passed, this ‘reflection’ business seems to be all the rage at the moment, and I don’t mean to follow suit, but I thought doing so would be a nice way to tie up one chapter and start a new one.

2014 was undoubtedly the biggest year of my life so far, I got married and experienced that wonderful, stressful & emotional journey, travelled to discover Singapore, Koh Samui & most of Italy, lost a job and found a passion, met some very generous people, achieved my best results in the gym, started my blog, moved house, began building our dream home, bought some gorgeous shoes, read some great books, overall it has been a very positive year with lots of growth.

This photo shoot with my husband was one of the highlights, it was just before our wedding so we could get to know our photographer and (although we’ve never been camera shy) be comfortable in front of the camera together, I can’t help but feel nostalgic when I look back at it and see how far we’ve come. I would recommend this for all engaged couples, it’s somewhat practical (you’ll use these shots for wedding programs, welcome boards or projectors, postage stamps, wedding announcements on social media or email, etc) but it’s also fun & something you will treasure forever.

So what’s ahead in 2015? Check back regularly and follow my journey 🙂

Photography by Blumenthal

Laura & Charbel Hazzouri 3
Laura & Charbel Hazzouri 6